Meet the Team

Roy is the man behind the name at Roy’s Transmission Shop Inc. His passion for fixing cars began at a young age. He has been repairing transmissions for over 43 years. As his family often says, ” If Roy can’t fix it, no one can.” When he isn’t under a car he can be found making custom knives to sell. Check out some of his knives at the shop or online at .

Kim is Roy’s wife and the bookkeeper at Roy’s Transmission Shop. She manages the office and keeps everything running smoothly. Her hospitality will put you at ease and make you feel right at home.

Steven, Roy and Kim’s son, has grown up working on cars with his dad. He earned a BA and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma Christian University. After finishing his degrees he decided to come back and work at the family business. He has brought invaluable expertise and knowledge to the business, especially in the area of car diagnostics. He also enjoys talking with customers and working on transmissions. Steven’s other business is called All About Firearms LLC. He is a gunsmith and a licensed gun dealer.

Kristen, Steven’s wife, assists in the bookkeeping and secretarial work. She also keeps the office looking clean and updates the shop website and Facebook page. Facebook

Ben is Kristen’s brother and started working at the shop in June, 2021. He is training under Roy and Steven and is quickly becoming an excellent mechanic. He is currently the shop’s main R&R guy.

Ivy is Steven and Kristen’s little girl. She’s hands down the favorite member of the team and keeps them all smiling and on their toes.

If you would like our help with your transmission problem please call us at 405-789-6336.

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